To the small handful of people who remember this blog,

6 Feb

be prepared for an epic comeback. And by epic, I mean I’m going to attempt to resurrect this thing from it’s coma by posting more regularly.


“By the Power of Grayskull!”

14 Apr

Oh, He-Man, wherever did you run off to?  Did you ever defeat Skeletor?  I was slightly more partial to She-Ra myself, but not because I identified with her as a female superhero.  Oh no.  It was because of that weird furry sidekick of hers with the rainbow wings. On this little trip down memory lane, I just discovered that She-Ra’s battle cry was actually different than her twin brother’s.  Instead of saying, “By the power of Grayskull” and POOF! transformation, she’d say, “For the honor of Grayskull”.  A small difference, but one that has me thinking–couldn’t She-Ra harness that power, too? And in actuality, didn’t she?  I mean, I certainly remember her kicking some serious ass and didn’t rely solely on honor to defend her country . . .

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Obligatory fancy pizza post.

10 Apr

I’m a big pizza fan and while I might pretend to be a pizza snob on the outside, deep down I know that it takes a lot for me to turn away a second slice.  From shamefully eating an entire Domino’s pizza in a skeezy Howard Johnson hotel room across from Fenway on a business trip to savoring every last morsel of a pie from Pizzeria de Remo in Rome while watching the motorini dodge cars and people, pizza is a go-to comfort food for me.

I’m much more of a traditionalist when it comes to my favorite pizzas, but the gourmet pizzas have their place.  And while I’ve been making my own pizza crust for about 10 years for those standard thin crust cravings, break out my trusty cast iron when I’m wanting something a little more substantial like a Chicago-style deep dish, I’ve always shied away from the fancier types, thinking those are probably best left to the pros.

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So the thing about wagons is

23 Mar

they’re kind of tricky to stay on, what with the wheels and the motion and the dysentery.

I could blame my lack of posting on the little dude and his ever-increasing ability to take fewer naps, coupled with the fact that any spare moment of peace I get is spent looking for a really super awesome new job (who wants to hire a super awesome me?), or I could just (wo)man up and admit that I’ve gotten lazy about posting.  Sigh.  This blog thing is harder than I thought.

The little dude and I had a lunch date this week with my lovely friend Kelli (the same Kelli from this post) and she casually mentioned that my blog pops up in her RSS feed, to which I muttered something about not posting and being a failure.  She quickly told me to stop being silly and also mentioned something about feeling particularly cool when you see your name on the interwebs, so this post is for Kelli.  Kelli, Kelli, Kelli.  Hi Kelli!  Thanks for the kick in the butt!

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Back on the wagon

6 Mar

So, I fell off a bit on this whole blog thing and for that I apologize.  Interestingly (or not), I have kept up my end of the one-new-recipe-a-week end of the resolution, I’ve just lagged behind in writing about them.  My plan is to hit you with a few new recipes here all fast and furious.  Or to at least get me back up to speed.

Part of my lapse in posting was because last week we visited Seattle and the rest the Mister’s family, extended and regular, which was busy and fun.  I got to enjoy (re: stuff my face) at my favorite sushi restaurant, Mashiko, Seattle’s first fully sustainable sushi bar.  I highly recommend it (if you go, eat a bowler roller, if not for yourself, for me).  We also got to introduce little Emmett to his PacNW roots.  Verdict: he’s a fan.

When we were there, I flipped through a current issue of Bon Appetit (March 2012) and came across a recipe that seemed too good to be true:  twice baked sweet potatoes with bacon sesame brittle.  I was so excited that I had to make a reminder on my phone’s calendar to remind me to make these upon our return.

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As easy as 1, 2, 3.

13 Feb

Last night I might have made the easiest dinner ever.  I’m not talking peanut-butter-on-a-spoon-dinner, which I have done before, but a dinner that was much tastier and only involved slightly more effort.

We were having some friends over for dinner (Hi Kelli!  Hi Paul!) and as we are all trying to be healthier this year–Paul and James are running the Chicago marathon this fall, Kelli is rocking the new Weight Watchers program, and I’m trying to not eat cookie butter spread on graham crackers for two meals a day–I wanted to make something new that would be both blog-worthy and healthy.

Enter pinterest.  I wasn’t sure I’d be on board (ha!) with this whole thing, but after a few hours I was totally hooked.  I found this recipe pinned to a friend’s board and when I saw the instructions I thought it was too good to be true.  Turns out, it wasn’t.

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When Kate gives you poi,

6 Feb

make poi donuts?

This post was made possible by a lovely friend of mine, Kate, who up and moved from her comfy home in Seattle to the crazy shores of Hawaii.  To help keep us apprised of her antics, she has this hilarious blog that I read and laugh out loud to with great regularity.  A few weeks ago she had a little contest wherein a follower or commenter of hers could win something Hawaiian.  And I won.  Which is awesome because I never win anything and because it meant I would be getting something from Hawaii. And that something was a bag of poi.

I’ve never had poi before and Kate’s ringing endorsement of “disgusting”, “sour”, “sticky” and “weird” had me a little concerned that it might be a food I should only enjoy while marveling at a spectacular Hawaiian sunset.  But I didn’t want that pound of poi to go to waste and I wanted to do Kate proud, so I did little sleuthing and discovered a recipe for poi donuts that didn’t sound neither awful nor difficult.

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