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To the small handful of people who remember this blog,

6 Feb

be prepared for an epic comeback. And by epic, I mean I’m going to attempt to resurrect this thing from it’s coma by posting more regularly.


Back on the wagon

6 Mar

So, I fell off a bit on this whole blog thing and for that I apologize.  Interestingly (or not), I have kept up my end of the one-new-recipe-a-week end of the resolution, I’ve just lagged behind in writing about them.  My plan is to hit you with a few new recipes here all fast and furious.  Or to at least get me back up to speed.

Part of my lapse in posting was because last week we visited Seattle and the rest the Mister’s family, extended and regular, which was busy and fun.  I got to enjoy (re: stuff my face) at my favorite sushi restaurant, Mashiko, Seattle’s first fully sustainable sushi bar.  I highly recommend it (if you go, eat a bowler roller, if not for yourself, for me).  We also got to introduce little Emmett to his PacNW roots.  Verdict: he’s a fan.

When we were there, I flipped through a current issue of Bon Appetit (March 2012) and came across a recipe that seemed too good to be true:  twice baked sweet potatoes with bacon sesame brittle.  I was so excited that I had to make a reminder on my phone’s calendar to remind me to make these upon our return.

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Pilot Post: Pork + Pappardelle

9 Jan

I hadn’t intended for my first foray into food blog-dom to be so full of aliteration, but the English major in me is now momentarily mesmerized by the challenge.  Don’t worry, it will pass.

When I first mentioned the notion of this blog to Mr. Food Year’s Resolution*, he was appropriately encouraging, as any good partner should be.  I was hesitant, given just how many food blogs there are out there, but when I was talking about how I thought it would help me to stay on track to 1) cook more at home and 2) try out new recipes, I think his brain processed this information as 1) more $$$ in the bank and 2) more awesome new food in his mouth.

I think we started off on the right track with the dish from last night.


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