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“By the Power of Grayskull!”

14 Apr

Oh, He-Man, wherever did you run off to?  Did you ever defeat Skeletor?  I was slightly more partial to She-Ra myself, but not because I identified with her as a female superhero.  Oh no.  It was because of that weird furry sidekick of hers with the rainbow wings. On this little trip down memory lane, I just discovered that She-Ra’s battle cry was actually different than her twin brother’s.  Instead of saying, “By the power of Grayskull” and POOF! transformation, she’d say, “For the honor of Grayskull”.  A small difference, but one that has me thinking–couldn’t She-Ra harness that power, too? And in actuality, didn’t she?  I mean, I certainly remember her kicking some serious ass and didn’t rely solely on honor to defend her country . . .

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When Kate gives you poi,

6 Feb

make poi donuts?

This post was made possible by a lovely friend of mine, Kate, who up and moved from her comfy home in Seattle to the crazy shores of Hawaii.  To help keep us apprised of her antics, she has this hilarious blog that I read and laugh out loud to with great regularity.  A few weeks ago she had a little contest wherein a follower or commenter of hers could win something Hawaiian.  And I won.  Which is awesome because I never win anything and because it meant I would be getting something from Hawaii. And that something was a bag of poi.

I’ve never had poi before and Kate’s ringing endorsement of “disgusting”, “sour”, “sticky” and “weird” had me a little concerned that it might be a food I should only enjoy while marveling at a spectacular Hawaiian sunset.  But I didn’t want that pound of poi to go to waste and I wanted to do Kate proud, so I did little sleuthing and discovered a recipe for poi donuts that didn’t sound neither awful nor difficult.

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