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So the thing about wagons is

23 Mar

they’re kind of tricky to stay on, what with the wheels and the motion and the dysentery.

I could blame my lack of posting on the little dude and his ever-increasing ability to take fewer naps, coupled with the fact that any spare moment of peace I get is spent looking for a really super awesome new job (who wants to hire a super awesome me?), or I could just (wo)man up and admit that I’ve gotten lazy about posting.  Sigh.  This blog thing is harder than I thought.

The little dude and I had a lunch date this week with my lovely friend Kelli (the same Kelli from this post) and she casually mentioned that my blog pops up in her RSS feed, to which I muttered something about not posting and being a failure.  She quickly told me to stop being silly and also mentioned something about feeling particularly cool when you see your name on the interwebs, so this post is for Kelli.  Kelli, Kelli, Kelli.  Hi Kelli!  Thanks for the kick in the butt!

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Sriracha, my dear friend.

31 Jan

Spicy foods and I get along pretty well, although that wasn’t always the case.  For a long while, foods seasoned with peppers were almost always dismissed and the mere mention of the words “hot sauce” gave me the heebie-jeebies up through college.  However, somewhere between living in Boston and then Seattle, I began to crave spicy things–I’m not talking so-hot-you-have to-sign-a-waiver, but enough to have me reaching for a glass of ice water every few bites.

It was in Seattle that I first met dear sriracha.  It was at a bit of a dive breakfast joint called The Wagon Wheel on Aurora, which is sadly no longer in existence.  It was owned by a Vietnamese couple who served traditional American diner fare with some small Asian influences, chief among them being a new-to-me hot sauce bottle with a green top and white rooster label.  Having become accustomed to putting hot sauce on my eggs and potatoes, I sprinkled a few drops across my plate, unaware of the taste explosion I was about to enjoy.

Sun-dried chiles + garlic = an amazing hot sauce that isn’t too spicy, too runny, too vinegary, or has any sort of weird, lingering aftertaste.  Since that fateful morning roughly 7 years ago, a bottle of sriracha has lived in my fridge.  So when I saw this recipe for a fish sandwich boasting sriracha mayonnaise, my head nearly exploded.

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